Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 2 Fall 2011 Trip

Our day started early.  Our pets were restless, the first night on the road.  They woke us up at 4am wanting to go out.  So we took them for a walk, there was a bright, almost full moon casting some light for us to stroll along the lake.  Needless to say, we slept in a lot later than usual and got a late start to the day.  It was almost lunch time when be headed out.  So our first stop was at the Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery located at Broadway on the Beach.

When in the Myrtle Beach area we always make it a point to stop here for lunch and sample the locally brewed beers.
    Next, we headed back up 17A to the Tanger Outlet mall.  Diane did some shopping while I mostly sat and enjoyed the afternoon sun.  Next we drove across the highway and went to the Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World.  If you fish, hunt, or camp, this is the place to find what you need.  I got some tackle to make carolina rigs for the next time my brother visits and we go bass fishing on Lake Keowee in upstate SC.  Spent the rest of the day, relaxing at the camp site.  Had a nice breeze blowing.  Watched all the campers coming in for the weekend.  Seems almost everyone has a golf cart to ride around in now.  Many of the fith wheels that pulled in were also towing a trailer behind which had a golf cart inside.  This campground is huge but we enjoy walking around with our pets so we all get good exercise.