Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One of the reasons we did not have a long spring trip this year was due to the mild winter and early spring.  We were able to get our garden in very early this year.  We started it in March and normally do not get it going until Easter. We love to grow a garden every year and one of the reasons we do not travel during the summer months ( othere than the heat ) Here are some pictures:

Overall garden

We have been picking strawberries for about three weeks now.  Diane made a strawberry pie this past weekend

We picked yellow squash yesterday for the first time this season.  Had squash for supper last night.

Tomatoes are growing good.

This is the first year that we have apples growing on one of our dwarf trees

And this is the second year for peaches.  Hopefully they will get a little bigger this year

We went to Walmart today and bought a pressure canner.  We plan on canning as much as we can this summer.  Our green beans will be coming in in a few weeks and the squash is coming in heavy right now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still doing catch up on our trip to Charleston last week.  One of the nice amenities of James Island County Park is the large dog park where you can let your pet run free of the leash.  There is also a lake there where the pets can swim.  We took our younger pet Kellee to the park friday afternoon.  She was a little tenetive at first, when she wandered off she would stop and look back at us, just to make sure we were still there I suppose.  She had a great time running and chasing other pets.  Here are a few pictures: