Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 4 Travel Day

Today we traveled from Longs SC to near Mt Airy NC.  Six hours on the road.  We were both beat when we pulled into the campground, even the dogs.  After getting the RV set up we all took a nap.  Have you ever wondered how small towns get their names?  We passed thru mostly farm country today, saw lots of cotton ready to harvest in SC.  I was told once that before cotton is harvested, the plants are sprayed with a chemical that causes the plants to shed their leaves.  This makes it easier for the machinery to remove the cotton.  Anyway, back to names of towns.  Passed thru Green Sea and Lake View in SC.  Never saw any green sea or a lake for that matter.  The best one was traveling up Future I-73/I-74 in NC.  Saw a town on the map called Why Not.  Wonder what the story behind that was?  We are currently at Mayberry Campground, just south of Mt Airy NC, which is the home of Andy Griffith and also Donna Fargo ( remember the song "The happiest girl in the USA"?).  The campground is located at the homeplace of the descendants of the Siamese Twins, ENG & Chang Bunker.  The home is still maintained and stands above the campground.  I was excited that we would have cable tonight so I could watch the NASCAR race at Richmond tonight.  Boy was I disapointed when I found out the race was last night.  Oh well, at least my driver, JR, driver of the number 88 was able to clinch a spot in the chase.  Tomorrow we have a shorter dirve as we head up to the Staunton/Walnut Hill KOA which will be our camp base as we tour the Shenadoan Valley and Skyline Drive area.