Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jim Thorpe Pa.

On Sunday we took a drive to the town of Jim Thorpe.  The town was originally called Mauch Chunk which is the native indian word for "sleeping bear".  The name was given to the area because the indians thought a nearby mountain looked like a sleeping bear.  The town grew and prospered as a result of coal mining and the nearby Lehigh river which gave the coal company a means to transport the coal down river to Philadelphia.

the main street thru town is Broadway.  Its lined on both sides with home, shops and restaurants.

Old Jail near top of Broadway

some history of the area and jail

we had lunch at Antonio's Pizzeria on our way back down the street.  We both ordered small portions of our order.  This is what we got.  Glad we did not ask for large!

At the old train station at the foot of broadway you can take rides on the railroad

After his death in 1953, Jim Thorpe's third wife, in search of a proper tribute to her husband, moved his body to Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania and in return the struggling town changed its name.  While he never lived in Mauch Chunk, it is fitting that he is memorialized here, in the state where he spent his proudest years, in the town that changed its name to his.