Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 5

A little shorter trip today.  We were only on the road about four hours.  We topped off our RV with gas at a Loves Truck stop on I-81 north at exit 84.  I was surprised that our gas mileage on the last leg was a fraction over 9 mpg.  We try to stop at Loves and Flying J truck stops because they are usually large enough to manuver our rig, which is about 45 foot long when towing the CRV.  Just after we pulled back onto the highway we saw one of those signs with flashing lights that told us to tune to channel 1620 for important highway news.  Turns out they were going to close down I-81 at mile marker 121 at 10:30 am because of blasting along the road.  We were fortunate that we passed that section with just a few minutes to spare.  We noted that the southbound lanes were already being routed onto a detour.  We made it to the Staunton/Walnut Hills KOA at 1 pm.  Tomorrow we intend to venture out and tour the surrounding area.  Found out this evening that part of the campground is without water.  Someone pulled out of their campsite and left their water hose hooked up and busted the water connection.  Seems there is only one main water cut off.   However, we are kind of fortunate, we are on the upper section of the campground and we are on well water.  The lower half is on city water.  Must be our lucky day.  Here are some pictures taken at our campsite: